About Us

Santander Securities's Management Board:

- Waldemar Markiewicz - President of the Management Board,

- Dariusz Strzyzewski - member of the Management Board.

Santander Securities's Supervisory Board:

- Hubert Janiszewski - President of the Board,

- Krzysztof Kalicki - Member of the Board,

- Leszek Niemycki - Member of the Board,

- Tomasz Kowalski - Member of the Board,

- Pawel Wojciechowski - Member of the Board,

- Jacek Tucharz - Member of the Board.

We'd like to inform that all the above mentioned Superviosry and Management Board Members meet the requirements of art.Article 103 1 - 1h of the Act on trading in financial instrumentsof as of 29 July 2005.